Wüsthof gift guide

If you're looking for a great, timeless gift for the budding chef or home cook in your life, there's really nothing better than a good quality knife. Here we take a look at the many gifting options in the Wüsthof range.

For the beginner | Wüsthof Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is the most important knife in the kitchen and it’s where most epic knife collections begin – making it a great gift for the home cook. It’s a kitchen essential, ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing everything, from meat to vegetables.


For the baker | Wüsthof Bread Knife

Even baking calls for an excellent knife. The freshest, crustiest loaves and the most crumbly pastry are no match for a Wüsthof Bread Knife. It slices cleanly without any drag as the teeth of its wavy-edge blade bite into foods that are too delicate for a straight-edge knife to get a grip on.

For the multitasker | Wüsthof Kitchen Surfer

A multitasker extraordinaire, the Kitchen Surfer is so named because it surfs from one task to the next with ease. From chopping to spreading, its specially-shaped blade has even the busiest cook covered.


For the entertainer | Wüsthof Carving Set

For the person who loves to host a crowd, why not give something to up the ante when it comes to entertaining? Armed with a Wüsthof Carving Set, they’ll find themselves looking forward to the next time it is their turn to do the honours.

For the braai master | Wüsthof Fillet Knife

If you know a chef who is confident (or perhaps just keen to perfect their knife skills) when it comes to filleting fish, poultry or meat – or even preparing carpaccio – then they need the right knife for the job. A filleting knife has an extra thin, flexible blade that thinly cuts and finely trims, making it ideal for the task and the perfect gift.


For the culinary wonder | Wüsthof Magnetic Knife Rack

For the chef whose knife collection is already bursting at the seams, a magnetic knife rack is the answer. It showcases their beautiful knives while also keeping their workspace clear and offering a safe storage solution. Plus, is there anything better than having all the knives you need within reach?

Good knives are an absolute kitchen essential, so head this way to browse Wüsthof’s full range and find the perfect gift.

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