EPICURE: The New Range from Wüsthof

Cooking is not just about preparing food. It’s an approach to life and as such, it demands the right knife. Enter Epicure, the new range from Wüsthof - for everyone who lives to cook. Let’s take a look at the new range, its capabilities and signature design.



The Epicure range combines the virtues of two great philosophies: the efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives paired with German quality and safety. In so doing, Wüsthof has designed each Epicure knife with both function and performance in mind as well as specific cooking tasks and styles.


Wüsthof’s aspiration is always to leave out what is redundant and optimise what is necessary and this is perfectly reflected by the Epicure range.

The grip


The grip has been designed to be a little wider in the front third and tapered towards the back so as to perfectly suit the natural contraction of the hand. This new grip design fully supports the ergonomically expansive grip position.

When using a leading grip position, the recontoured bolster effectively protects fingers from making contact with the sharp blade and ensures good control and safety.

The blade

EPICURE Cook's Knife - new blade.jpg

Every blade in the Epicure range has a wider shape, allowing more weight to be exerted on the item being cut and thereby working with much greater efficiency. At the same time, this design guarantees increased safety and noticeably improved ease of use - the wider contact surface offers not only better control when guiding the knife, but also helps to transport food to the pot quickly and cleanly.

The bolster

EPICURE Ideal Focal Point - new bolster.jpg

The bolster’s innovative geometry ensures that the weight of every knife in the Epicure range is evenly distributed around the center of the knife. The knife moves neutrally around this focal point for agile and effortless work.


Another special feature of the Epicure range is the material used for the handle. It consists of natural fibres and resin, so you get the comfortable, warm feel of wood with the robustness and hygienic properties of plastic. It unites the best of both worlds and, at the same time, sends a strong environmental message with its emission-free production.


Each Epicure handle is hand shaped and finished.

Each Epicure handle is hand shaped and finished.

The backbone of each of the Epicure knives is the single unit consisting of blade, bolster, and handle – made of one piece of high-alloy stainless steel. The excellent quality of the steel makes a significant contribution to the sharpness and long service life, which then receives a new dimension from the forging and subsequent hardening process. Epicure knives feature a hardness that guarantees both the highest degree of initial sharpness and long cutting ability as well as flexibility and easy resharpening.


Wüsthof has also developed the PEtec sharpening process to give every blade the greatest possible initial sharpness. As a result, the blades are measured piece-by-piece with a laser before grinding. Every single blade is given the ideal sharpening angle of 15°.

Striking design, superior ergonomics and the meticulous craftsmanship that Wüsthof is so well known for are perfectly combined in the Epicure range, guaranteed to offer the perfect cutting experience every single day. Browse the full range of Epicure knives here.