How to keep your Wüsthof knives sharp forever

Sharp knives are worth their weight in gold in a busy kitchen – they speed up everything from dicing onions to slicing meat and give you the control and precision you need. There are a number of easy steps you can take to keep your knives in tip top shape. Here is a quick knife care guide, which will help ensure your Wüsthof knives are always in the best possible condition.

Daily knife care

Keeping your knives sharp is not all about using a whetstone or sharpening steel. It's also about the way in which you use and care for your knives on a daily basis. If you handle your knives carefully, the blades won't lose their edge and will maintain their sharpness. This daily care includes:

  • Cleaning your knives straight after you have used them

  • Washing them by hand in warm water using a damp cloth and some washing up liquid

  • Drying them carefully before storage


The right chopping board

Choosing the right cutting board or surface goes hand-in-hand with good knife care, as the best way to keep blades sharp is to use them on friendly surfaces. If you would like to extend the time between sharpening your knives, use a wooden or plastic cutting board and save glass or stone boards for serving cheese, charcuterie or the like.


Regular sharpening

Wüsthof offers a wide range of honing and sharpening products which are specially designed for home use and are guaranteed to keep your knives in top condition when used on a regular basis.

Honing or sharpening? This depends on whether your knife has just lost its sharpness due to constant use or whether it has become really blunt. Honing re-aligns the microscopic teeth in the blade, but doesn’t remove steel to create a new edge the way sharpening does. A reasonably sharp knife may only require this light honing whereas a dull blade will require sharpening too. It is important to regularly hone your knife in order to keep the blade in good shape, a well-honed knife will last longer between sharpening.


The right storage

Investing in a good storage solution that prevents knives from clanging together is one of the best things you can do to keep your Wüsthof collection in great condition. There are an array of options designed for this purpose:

  • Knife blocks will keep your blades well protected and always close at hand

  • Magnetic holders hold your knives safely in place and keep countertop clutter to a minimum

  • In-drawer knife racks are the perfect way to store your quality knives if you are looking for an alternative to counter displays

  • Special cases and space-saving rolls are ideal if you often take your knives with you. They are frequently used by professional chefs for storing their knives safety and easily


Keeping a sharp edge on your knives is really important and learning how to care for and maintain your Wüsthof knives will ensure you get the most out of your blades for many years to come.

Edison StoneComment