Are you using the right knife? – Part 4

Herbs: Cutting, Dicing, Chopping

It makes a huge difference if you are equipped with the right knives or tools when cutting, dicing or chopping fresh herbs in your kitchen. Herbs are particularly delicate and nearly always need to be finely cut – and yet small knives are not fit for the task. Here we shine a light on the Wüsthof herb specialists, all of which make herb preparation a breeze.


Cook’s knife

The cook’s knife with its wide, curved blade is excellent for chopping herbs using the rocking technique. Entire bunches of parsley or similar can be chopped up finely in no time at all with this knife.

1.Cook_s knife.png

Kitchen Surfer

Just like the cook’s knife, the blade shape of the Wüsthof Kitchen Surfer makes it easy to chop using a rocking motion. With a little practice, finely chopping basil, mint or sage leaves becomes incredibly easy when you have a knife like this in your collection.

2.Kitchen Surfer.png

Chinese cook’s knife

It may be hard to believe but the Chinese cook’s knife, though shaped like a cleaver, is actually a perfect match for delicate fresh herbs. Indeed, Wüsthof Chinese cook’s knives are specially designed for fine and small cutting tasks.

3. Chinese cook_s knife.png

Mincing knife

Need to chop parsley, coriander or chives evenly and finely? This is a job for a mincing knife, or what’s also known as a mezzaluna. It will cut up fine herbs without crushing them. Also, it’s fun to use a knife with both hands! We have various types in our range with single or double blades.


Kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are ideal for cutting chives or cress, or for cutting herbs directly from your herb pots or garden. Many of the Wüsthof kitchen scissors have a micro-interlocking system that prevents food from slipping and ensures a powerful and precise cut.

5. Kitchen scissors.png

Head this way to browse Wüsthof’s full range and begin tailoring your knife collection to suit your needs.

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